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Top 10 blogs about trade shows for 2017

To remain updated on the trade show industry, reading blogs and information websites dealing with it is highly necessary. We consider some of them really helpful and decided to thank their owner and share their content through this post. The ones we handpicked offer radical points of view, invite experts or provide analysis about long-term trends. To make it short, they have unique qualities.


TSNN - Trade Show News Network

Lot of experts from the whole industry write articles for this blog. So you can find here a lot of articles from a broad range of topics from the impact of globalization on the event industry to tips to beat fatigue during events.

Must read: Booth Staffing Tips for the Digital Era


Web-based version of a reference trade show paper magazine. It focuses solely on exhibitors but gives the most in-depth advices and tips for them. Lot of handful tips on how to behave and interact with people at a show.

Must read: Case study, Recipe for success

The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group

On this blog, you can find very concrete and actionable tips on how to enhance your trade show presence to increase return.

Must read: 100 Sales Questions to Truly Understand Your Prospects' Pain


Scanalytics is excellent to deeply understand how a small detail can have a big impact how your trade booth is viewed by the visitors.

Must read: Psychology of Colors: The Trade Show Floor

Skyline trade show tips

This blog discusses a lot of different topics. What we especially enjoy is that they cover very specific topics so that you can easily decide whereas you want to take a particular action or not.

Must read: The Hidden Value of Trade Shows is Very Real

TradeShowGuy Blog

This blog definitly looks old-fashioned but his owner is what we can call an absolute expert of the trade show industry. It is always nice to find truly knowledgeable people writing for the community.

Must read: 35+ Items to Have in Your Tradeshow Tool Kit

Bartizan Connects

This blog is not the one you visit to get daily updates on the industry but the one you visit to better understand it. Articles are soldomly posted but some of them introduce key topics regarding trends and forecasts for the trade show industry. It is the perfect one to form an idea about what trade shows will look like in future years.

Must read: Open Integration for the Event Industry: Is it the Wave of the Future?


Certainly the most beautiful blog of the industry and that is obviously a real plus! It focuses on marketing and design. A lot of topics discussed on this blogs are not discussed on other ones. It is always nice to read something really new.

Must read: 8 Key Experiential Graphics Design Elements [Infographic]

Melissa Michel

Melissa is a true trade show expert with a concrete field experience that she loves sharing.        

Must read: The ABC’s of Trade Shows and Events: 50+ Terminologies

The Exhibitor

This one is quite recent but seems to be on the best possible track. It covers ordinary topics but also includes a highly valuable serie of articles called "Meet the experts" which is always very interesting.

Must read: Meet the Experts – Trade Show Marketing with Rauno Ramo

The Skyline Newsletter

One last thing, the newsletter issued by Skyline allows you to get notified everyday about trending articles regarding trade shows. With this one, we have for missing relevent trends in our industry!


That is the list we wanted to share. If you think some other blogs should be included, please tell us. We would love to discover them!

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