Top 10 biggest German trade shows and trade fairs

Everyone knows Germany – it is impossible to miss out on the largest and most competitive economy in Europe, with its population over 80 million inhabitants and its significant political influence over all its neighboring countries. German are good at almost everything and the label “Made in Germany” is now a brand synonymous of product reliability and high quality standards.

But don’t you know that trade shows in Germany are also worth their weight in gold ?

With more than two-thirds of the world’s major trade fairs and exhibitions taking place in Germany, the country is indeed the world’s no. 1 location for hosting international tradeshows. Around 150 international trade fairs and exhibitions are held in Germany every year, attracting up to 180,000 exhibitors and 10 million visitors.

Here are the top 10 leading German trade shows

1/ International Motor Show Germany – Frankfurt (September / biennial)

Data of 2015: 1103 exhibitors from 39 countries / 931 700 visitors

International Motor Show Germany (or Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) is the world’s largest motor trade show with main exhibit sectors being, passenger cars, motor vehicles with 2 or 3 wheels, care, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles.

2/ Bauma – Munich (April / every 3 years)

Data of 2016: 416 481 sqm / 3423 exhibitors from around 60 countries / 583 736 visitors

The bauma is the world’s largest trade show in the construction industry with manufacturers of both classical construction equipment and specified tools.

3/ IGW Berlin – Berlin (January / every year)

Data of 2016: 42 947 sqm / 1550 exhibitors from 65 countries / 366 707 visitors

The IGW (International Green Week in Berlin) is the world's largest consumer fair for the food, agricultural, and horticultural industries.

4/ Gamescom – Cologne (August / every year)

Data of 2016: 63 661 sqm / 861 exhibitors from 54 countries / 345 000 visitors                             

Gamescom is a trade show dedicated to electronic entertainment, hardware (PC, consoles, tablets, mobile phones), software (games), mobile and online gaming.

5/ boot Düsseldorf - Düsseldorf (January / every year)

Data of 2016: 94 189 sqm / 1833 exhibitors from 65 countries / 244 691 visitors

Boot Düsseldorf (or Düsseldorf International Boat Show) is one of the world’s leading trade shows for boat and water sports industry (canoes, kayaks, waterboarding, jet ski, surfing, diving equipment, fishing…). Manufacturers of sailing boats and yachts and other industry experts present their products in January each year.


6/ CeBIT – Hanover (March / every year)

Data of 2016: 125 278 sqm / 2960 exhibitors from 71 countries / 176 795 visitors

The CeBIT (Centrum für Büroautomation, Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation) is the world's leading trade show and conference for the information and communications technology industry.

7/ Interpack – Düsseldorf (May / every 3 years)

Data of 2014: 174 369 sqm / 2670 exhibitors from 60 countries / 174 798 visitors

Interpack is an international fair for the packaging sector and related processing industries for the packaging of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, bakery, cosmetics and industrial goods. Exhibitors from all over the world present the latest innovations in packaging systems and machinery.

8/ IFA – consumer electronics – Berlin (September / every year)

Data of 2015: 149 500 sqm / 1645 exhibitors from over 120 countries/ 142 301 visitors

The IFA Berlin (or Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) is the world's second tradeshow (just after Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronic Show) for consumer electronics and home appliances where the big names of the industry come to unveil their very latest tech and consumer-oriented innovations

9/ Ambiente – Frankfurt (February / every year)

Data of 2016: 179 768 sqm / 4386 exhibitors from 95 countries / 135 988 visitors

Ambiente is an international consumer goods trade fair with exhibitors presenting products from the fields of table, kitchen, home, furnishing and decoration.

10/ Automechanika – Frankfurt (September / biennial)

Data of 2016: 174 962 sqm / 4843 exhibitors from 76 countries / 132 944 visitors

Automechanika is the world's leading trade show for the automotive service industry. Main sectors of exhibit products include: parts & components, electronics & systems, customizing, repair & maintenance, car wash, care & reconditioning.

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