Do you know this sustainable fashion brand : Mr and Mrs Cork?

As a travel agency, our mission is to make it easy for companies that go to tradeshows and exhibitions. Within the scope of our activity, we met Geoffrey at the Viva Technology exhibition in Paris. Geoffrey co-founded Mr and Mrs Cork which is a sustainable fashion brand. Through this interview Geoffrey will tell you how he launched his company and how he handles business trips.


Hi, Geoffrey, could you first introduce yourself?


Hi everyone!

When I was young, I grew up close to Paris, in France and I ended studying biotechnology and biology at university.

I decided to study abroad for a year at the University of Calgary in Canada. I met several entrepreneurs during this experience, and made me want to get into the entrepreneurship world as well.

How did you finally decide to launch your own Start up?

Back to France, finishing my master, I took part with 3 other students to an entrepreneurship course. We designed a company called « Lettre d’un jour » which is now changing for the name Postmii. The idea is simple; you don’t want to lose time to write a letter during your holidays? You can easily create, write, print, and send your postal card in the Postmii delivery tricycle by using solar panel to use the process so that it can be a sustainable brand. Intuitive and fun Postmii enable to share easily with your family and friends a timeless memory.

We ended up winning the award for the best concept. This experience greatly encouraged us to launch our own start up. At this moment, I definitely joined the start-up world!




What is the concept of your Brand?


With Mr and Mrs Cork, our goal is to rethink the fashion world. We are looking for to build to found the sustainable fashion brand. So we decided to use cork oaks. This material is the guiding line of every single product, we conceive. We create a wide range of accessories such as bow ties, wallets, belts and umbrellas. Each product is crafted mostly with cork.

Why do you use cork to become a sustainable fashion brand?

This material has a lot of advantages. Our products made with cork are light, robust, resilient to scratches, and even waterproof. All of these characteristics enable you to keep your product made of cork for decades!



Do you often travel to develop your business?


We travel once a month in order to check our forest and our providers in Portugal. As cork is key to our business we built a unique policy to build a fashion sustainable brand image. For each product sold, we commit to plant an oak tree to fight against deforestation.

sustainable fashion brand

Among all the cities you’ve been to for business purpose, which one is your favorite?


We aim to develop our business world-wide as soon as possible. Our first target is to enter the American market. Therefore I had the opportunity to go to a few North-American cities and the ones that I definitely love to go to are New-York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles.




Do you have some tips to give us?


I love the restaurant SHAKE SHACK in Madison Square Park!! It is such a good place. There, you can find awesome junk food such as burgers, hot dogs, lemonade and above all awesome milkshakes!


Do you have an anecdote to share from your travel experiences?


Yes, sure! During my last business travel in New York, I went to the worse hostel, I have been to. It was in the Chinese district. I spent the whole week in a room which was not larger than 5 square meters! It was more like a chicken coop than a real bedroom. As you can imagine, I would advise nobody to go there. To avoid it, just remember this name: Sun Bright Hotel in Chinatown.


Check out the website of Mr&Mrs Cork




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